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3cx phone systems

Business Telecoms

Reliable business telecoms that will help you cut costs and boost productivity.

Business Telecoms

Reliable business telecoms that will help you cut costs and boost productivity.

3cx Business App Mobile Phone System

Bringing a powerful
phone system
to you

Ultimate Flexibility;
Access softphones and browser-based web clients on virtually any device.

Huge Savings;
Save on your phone bills and eliminate inter-office call charges.

Private Instance;
We host a unique secure instance of 3CX for every single business.

Wide Range of Integrations;
Connect with popular CRMs and browsers for huge efficiency savings.

"Our company recently transitioned to a new VoIP phone system, and I can't express how satisfied we are with the entire process. One of the standout features was the absence of hidden costs compared with alternatives we looked into."




"We recently updated our phone system, much of the credit goes to the exceptional service provided by the Syn-Star team.

The system is easy to use with step-by-step guidance from the friendly technicians upon setup.

They patiently explained every feature, ensuring that our team not only understood how to use the system but felt confident doing so."


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"What stood out when moving phone systems most was the friendly and knowledgeable support we received. The technicians took the time to explain every aspect of the system in a way that was easy to understand."


Google review

Key Benefits

Industry leading telecoms

We are experts in communications and have years of specialist experience working in telecoms.

We install and maintain static and VoIP phone systems for your business and provide support and advice throughout.

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Business phone system you can use anywhere

Use anywhere, on any device

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, 3CX works well on any device just like a conventional phone.

With the smartphone app, your team can make and receive calls from wherever they are.

All you need to do is configure your control panel and you’re ready to roll.

We've got your telecoms

Our telecoms services will help your business grow. We’ve been helping companies with their communications since 2002, and we’re good at it. We understand the importance of what a modern business needs in its telecoms. 

With unlimited support, you will have access to the following features:

Unlimited support for business telecoms

What's Included?

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Flexibility with the equipment you use

Whether you prefer to wear a wireless headset, or find yourself more comfortable holding a phone in your hand, 3CX is compatible with a variety of devices.

Your team can have peace of mind knowing their preferred way of communicating can continue with one of the best telecoms systems on the market.

3cx business phone devices
VoIP phone system including a desk phone and mobile app.

VoIP Phone Systems

Discover the game-changing advantages of VoIP phone systems and revolutionise your communication.

With VoIP technology you get crystal-clear audio, seamless connectivity, and enhanced productivity. VoIP phone systems offers cost savings, scalability, and advanced features. 

Telecoms Pricing

Business Phones

We offer a diverse selection of phone solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every business, from traditional offices to dynamic onsite workshops.

At our company, we ensure that all our clients have access to the perfect technology to match their specific business requirements. 

Telecoms for your business

PTSN Switch off

The PTSN Switch Off represents a technological leap forward, allowing us to provide you with even better communication solutions.

By embracing this change, we are not only enhancing the quality of our services but also improving the overall customer experience.

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We can provide different types of telecom devices depending on your company’s needs. Our experts will assess your current systems, work with you to budget your spending and give you device suggestions that will maximise productivity for your industry. If you have any questions we are on hand to help.

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Our mission is to provide the very best telecoms platform tailored to your industry's needs.

Our Partnerships
3cx phone systems

Questions we frequently get asked...

There can be no compromise on reliability when it comes to your communications systems – your business relies on them – so we’ll only recommend telecoms systems we know are effective. What we recommend, we use ourselves because it works brilliantly for all kinds and sizes of business.

Read our blog, is your outdated telecoms system harming your business?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. If you are exploring a new telecoms system you will have seen VoIP talked about a lot. It refers to communication technology that uses the internet, rather than copper landlines, offering greater flexibility. 
Top 8 VoIP headsets for noisy work environments!

No. You can have a desk phone, soft phone or mobile app as part of your telecoms setup. The range of devices from which you can make calls means there’s no longer any need for the additional expense of a handset.

This depends on the number of machines you have on one line and on availability but we carry out a full assessment of your current system, making sure you have everything in place to deliver the telecoms system you need.​

No way! Syn-Star are BT wholesalers with an official partner ID. This means we can manage your telecoms transfer from beginning to end and ensure a smooth transition by working with the telecoms partners we’ve established relationships with, including BT.

Nothing, zero. We know how important mobile technology is these days, so we’ve included our telecoms mobile app as part of our service. It’s an integral part of our telecoms package and delivers an extra level of flexibility that your team will value.

Whether you need remote IT support, training, building up cyber security or growing for the future with an IT strategy, we can manage your IT and telecoms with you. We partner with our business customers to offer a one-stop shop, no problem.
10 signs your business needs IT support

If we are porting numbers, when we transfer a telephone number from a supplier to us, this usually takes between two and three weeks. We work with you to plan the timing of the transition for the optimal timing for your business.

If we port the numbers, we simply take care of everything for you. We’re here to make the transition easy and seamless.

We work with many different types of businesses, from start-ups to large organisations, and we have the telecoms options to suit you and the manpower and experience to ensure a smooth and efficient service, no matter the size of your business now or the size you plan it to be. 

Absolutely. Our phones systems provide a digital service and don’t depend on outdated analogue phones lines. We are, in fact, supporting many businesses switching from their analogue systems to telecoms systems that will be ready for the digital future.

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Call Transfer

Blind Transfer

You can select transfer to conduct a blind transfer, this means you can transfer the call to the correct college without speaking to the recipient first.

Attended Transfer

You can select transfer to conduct a blind transfer, this means you can transfer the call to the correct college without speaking to the recipient first.

Call Forwarding

When your extension is busy or not registered, you can set the unanswered calls to...


To manage your voicemail simply dial “9” for options, the following options will be shown:

Call Recording

The call recording feature will allow you to easily record all calls for compliance and training purposes.

You can find the recordings on the recording page.

You will have access to search and manage all call recordings. You can also download or delete a recording. 

Custom Hold Music

Hold music is a great way to keep the attention of your caller. Using outdated hold music not only reflects badly on your business but can become an irritant and deter people from holding the line.Being able to use custom-hold music means you can set the tone yourself and even align this with a chosen genre to match your brand.