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Get Cyber Essentials for Business with Syn-Star

Our experts are ready to help you with achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation in four easy steps!
We’re ready to work with your IT manager, or whoever is responsible for your company’s cyber security.


We're passionate about keeping your business secure with Cyber Essentials...

With our step-by-step approach to helping you gain Cyber Essentials accreditation, you and your clients will have peace of mind that you’re following best practice to keep everyone protected online. We’ll play a critical part in preventing cyber attacks within your business by taking some simple but effective measures aligned with the Cyber Essentials criteria. 

Step 1:

Book a call with a member of our team. We’ll take the time that’s needed to understand your business and talk you through how our experts are able to support you with becoming Cyber Essentials certified.

Step 2:

The beginning of our turnkey process to getting your business Cyber Essentials accredited is by completing our detailed questionnaire. Your answers will enable our experts to do what they do best, for you

Step 3:

The Devil is in the detail! Within this step, we’ll have processed your data, and will provide an insight into what’s good, and what areas need improving when it comes to your cyber security and Cyber Essentials accreditation. 

Step 4:

The changes we recommend as a result of the previous step will be implemented and checked. Every action we complete will be aligned with the Cyber Essentials criteria. Here, we’ll focus on ensuring you gain accreditation first time.

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Not a client of ours? That's okay; we're still here to help.

Whatever your industry, we’re driven to help businesses like you to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation. 

There’s no need to be an existing client of ours; we are able to support companies like you with your Cyber Essentials needs as a one off project. Typically, we’ll work with your in-house IT manager, or whoever is responsible for the cyber security for your business… which may even be you! 

With Cyber Essentials accreditation, you will prevent a high-percentage of cyber-attacks which come from common threats such as phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, network attacks, and password-guessing attacks.

Achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation will demonstrate your commitment to protecting data and cyber security. This may lead to winning new business opportunities as your reputation will be boosted as you reassure customers that you have the top security measures in place.

Reassure customers and attract new business with Cyber Essentials...

Winning new customers sounds like a good idea, right?

Well, with Cyber Essentials, you’re demonstrating to current and prospective clients that you’re committed to keeping them safe.

You’ll have greater opportunity to win Government contracts which require you to have Cyber Essentials. 

These days, many business insurance policies stipulate the need to having Cyber Essentials, or something equivalent, too.

That’s why we strive to be the partner that helps you with achieving your Cyber Essentials accreditation. 

We exist to help companies like you with it’s growth through reliable and secure technology.  

Sound good to you?
Let's talk money...

Through Syn-Star, we will work with the person responsible for your company’s cyber security to get you Cyber Essentials accreditation for £1,000 + VAT.

This will include the initial investigation, completion of the portal application and advice on the actions required to pass. 

For any corrective actions, if needed, there will be an additional charge. 

If you’d like an expert to support you in getting everything set up on-site, this would cost £300 + VAT for a half day, or £600 + VAT for the whole day. 

Our focus is simple - to ensure you have peace of mind in knowing that your business is secure, by working with you on following the best cyber security practice...

Cyber Essentials will amplify your business presence. The certification will also amplify your presence to prospective clients looking to work with a company that’s serious about its security.

Being proactive about keeping your technology secure will have a positive impact on your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask Syn-Star to help today.

Cyber Essentials Certification
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Ready to start the journey in getting your business accredited? We are.

With Syn-Star, we’ll help you achieve Cyber Essentials certification by following our simple step-by-step process. 

As Cyber Essentials is available to every business, whatever its size, we’ll work with you to define the scope of the project. 

Next, we’ll ask you to complete a self-assessment questionnaire to help us understand where you’re at with all-things cyber security.

Our findings will help us advise you on the areas which need work to get you ready for your Cyber Essentials assessment. 

When the time is right, you’ll be sign-posted to a Cyber Essentials assessor to complete your certification. 

Looking for Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation? Ask us for more information...

Cyber Essentials Plus follows the same simplicity of approach as Cyber Essentials, but includes a hands-on technical verification. 

It includes a technical vulnerability assessment, an internal scan, as well as an on-site assessment of your IT security. 

Cyber Essentials Plus is ideal for those organisations that require a more in-depth audit of the IT infrastructure they have in place, like remote locations and giving third parties access to your IT. 

Speak to us for more information about Cyber Essentials Plus, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re here to provide guidance to pass Cyber Essentials Plus and can connect you with the right assessor to gain Cyber Essentials Plus certification. 

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Questions we frequently get asked...

You are assessed by questionnaire. A board member from the organisation completing the assessment must certify the answers are true. The responses are then evaluated by an independent assessor who is certified to make the evaluation.

There are two parts to the assessment, the Cyber Essentials questions and an additional technical audit of systems that fall within the scope of Cyber Essentials, such as user devices and internet gateways.

The Cyber Essentials accreditation is part of the Cyber Essentials Plus assessment and needs to be completed before the audit which is part of the Cyber Essentials Plus assessment.

It only takes a few working days for your assessment to be reviewed and a decision reached and then you will be Cyber Essentials certified. If your first assessment doesn’t go to plan, there’s an opportunity to rectify problems quickly.

Many central government departments now require suppliers to be Cyber Essentials accredited; this includes the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Health. Many large private organisations also look for an accreditation from contractors.

All Cyber Essential certificates expire after 12 months, before which you need to be re-assessed to continue having the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

No, they are different accreditations and assess different aspect of IT and cyber security. As they are different accreditations and are recognised as such, you can have both.

You can fail Cyber Essentials, for example, if you are using unsupported software in the scope of assessment you are likely to fail the assessment.

If you fail, you have two days to address the feedback given and change any issues before reassessment. If you can do this withing the two days and resubmit your application, there is no additional cost.

Once you’ve applied to complete the assessment you have six months in which to submit the assessment. If it isn’t done in that time you have to apply again.

It’s not a legal requirement, but accreditation does demonstrate your commitment to cyber security and your understanding of its importance, which for many clients and partners is reassuring and could potentially open more doors for you.

Any business who wants to work with central government or larger corporate clients. It’s also beneficial for you that any business you work with, which manages, receives or stores your sensitive data, can prove it has  measures in place to protect it. 

Team Productivity
& Monitoring

Team Productivity:
You and your team are able to see where they are using their time and how productive they are actually being.  Also they are able to clock in and out, so really good for flexi-working.

Team Monitoring:
If you would like to know what your team is doing and how productive they are being, we are able to monitor them and create screenshots of what they are working on.  This can be run in normal or stealth mode.

Book a FREE fact finding session to discuss the different options.

Our International Efforts

We are proud to partner with ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ to help causes around the world.

As a member of this organisation, our membership fee directly funds various developments, innovations and operations across the globe.

There are more than 500 carefully screened, high-impact projects taking place with sustainable development goals which we are hugely proud to help.

Because of our engagement with this charity, we can directly track the impact Syn-Star has on the lives of many. Every new client allows us to provide a new donation to this cause.

A Little Closer To Home

We proactively seek opportunities to support good causes for our community.

From sponsoring local community football teams, to engaging with charity fundraiser days, we believe it’s important to continually strive to do good for the better of others.

We have members who volunteer with youth organisations, are engaged with the Round Table, run marathons and volunteer at events where we may be needed. Every charity receives a discounted IT and Telecoms service too.


Protecting your digital data is crucial for every business and this can start with the industry-leading security we offer. The Syn-Star specialists can help with identifying any vulnerabilities within your IT systems and act accordingly to ensure cyber-attacks and data breaches are mitigated. 

Strategy &
Future Planning

Your business will never fall behind with its technology when you work with Syn-Star.

We understand IT and Telecoms for your business is an investment, but it’s important to use the best resources available to enable the growth of your business. Our IT Consultancy and Virtual IT Director Services are available to support you with how you use your business technology for years to come.


Syn-Star can conduct quick and easy phishing exercises to identify people within your team who need to improve on their knowledge around fraudulent emails and how they can be alerted to these threats. 

Team Productivity & Monitoring

At Syn-Star, our experts can proactively work to understand exactly what software you need to support with the business operations. Whether you need a listening ear on what software to choose, or would like to seek some specialist knowledge, we’re here to help where we can.

& Reliable

At Syn-Star, we keep Telecoms simple. There’s so much available to help UK companies with their communications. VoIP systems, fixed landline, cloud phone systems, SIP trunking and more. Contact us for further details.

Providing Equipment
You Need

Desk phones, cordless phones or conference phones, Syn-Star can provide you with whatever you need. 

From conference calling facilities to the headsets which work best for your team, we’re able to provide all the equipment you need and complete any telecoms job from start to finish.

VoIP Phone

There is no need to be in the office to make and receive phone calls from your company’s number. Our market-leading Telecoms platform gives you the flexibility of desk phones, soft phones and mobile apps as standard.

Whether your team works remotely, or perhaps staff are on a business trip anywhere in the world, calls can still be made, and people are reachable via phone wherever they go.


With a range of products, our team can support you by installing exactly what you need for internet connectivity. We work with the very best products to provide speedy bandwidths which play a part in the increased productivity of your team.


With a range of products, our team can support you by installing exactly what you need for internet connectivity. We work with the very best products to provide speedy bandwidths which play a part in the increased productivity of your team.