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IT Strategy

Building an IT Strategy to ensure your technology 
meets your IT and business goals.

IT services for business

Develop a business IT Strategy that's not just for today, but for years to come...

An IT Strategy is a comprehensive plan that details how your business technology will be used to meet your key business goals. 

Every department is affected by technology and, with an IT Strategy, you can plan your investment in IT and thus grow your organisation. 

An IT Strategy doesn’t just benefit the present day, but it safeguards your technology for years to come.

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"We have been a customer of Syn-Star's for over a year now after our previous supplier failed on a number of things.

Since moving I have been impressed with the service, support, Lily has helped me out with an issue on the phone and has not needed anything else, it just works and that's what we needed as a company reliable IT Systems, which we get from Syn-Star thank you."


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"We have been using Syn-Star for some time now, they have been excellent in all areas, always there at the end of the phone to help us, Lily is exceptional and we would be lost without them."


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"Huge thank you to the Syn-Star team for a simple relocation process. Their planning was spot-on, ensuring every aspect was considered. The friendly technicians added a personal touch to the entire experience. Most importantly, the minimal downtime kept disruptions to a minimum, allowing our team to get back to work swiftly. A top-notch service that I highly recommend."


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How we can help...


Unlock the potential of your business technology with an IT Strategy...

Transform unpredictable IT into predictable IT by implementing an IT Strategy that doesn’t just prepare you for being reactive when issues arise, but proactive for when you need something new.

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Why our IT Strategy
service will work for you

The IT Strategy service we can provide is fully bespoke and tailored to your needs. 

An IT Strategy is a critical element of your business; it’s essential for ensuring every department within your company operates seamlessly. 

By working with Syn-Star on your IT Strategy, you’ll have a blueprint of how your IT will shape your overall business strategy. 

Build a blueprint of
your business tech

Analyse strengths
& weaknesses

Understand & build
on your techology

IT that fits with
vision and values

Skilled project

Tackle complex
IT projects

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I just wanted to say a very big thank you to the Syn-Star team for their assistance with setting up SharePoint.  The service they provide is absolutely fantastic and I was most grateful for the patience of the team.

Karen Smith, Cashflow Creators

FAQs about our IT Strategy Services...

An Information Technology (IT) strategy is a comprehensive plan setting out how your business technology is to contribute to the organisation’s mission, vision and values. It contains details such as a company’s investment in IT and how it can use technology to achieve its objectives.

Typically, an IT strategy will cover factors concerning how your business technology is managed, the risks that are present with your IT, budgets, hardware and software acquisition, management and operating protocols. There are many elements to an IT Strategy.

Your IT strategy should be aligned to your business goals because your IT strategy is all about how it supports achieving them. Not aligning your business and IT strategy can lead to your expensive technology failing to have the impact and ROI you need.

If you’re looking for an IT Support contract in Portsmouth, you would sign up for a minimum of 12 months, and then continue on a three month rolling contract. We’re not in the business to tie you in to a lengthy IT support contract. From speaking to people like you on the business networking scene in Portsmouth, we’ve heard of some horror stories where people are signed up to fully managed IT for several years – we’re not about that.

A solid IT Strategy will provide your business with a blueprint of how technology supports the overall business strategy. The IT Strategy should be focused on the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, business partners and clients.

An IT Strategy benefits more people beyond your internal teams. External clients, suppliers and partners will all work with you via your technology systems. They want to be reassured by knowing that they are working with a business with a strong grasp of their IT and a plan for its effective use.

An IT strategy can provide you with a technological “north star” to inform all your decisions relating to the use of technology because you can align them to your IT strategy and be assured that they support your business objectives.

It informs where you want to spend your budget so that you understand the IT priorities and where you need to invest more to have the biggest impact on overall business performance, making every penny count.

The starting point must be your business objectives, but you also need to understand your existing infrastructure, the impact it has, who the stakeholders are and metrics for success, all of which will help you start to build a strategy as a roadmap for the future.

Strategy is about planning for the future. To keep your IT strategy relevant and future-proofed, it needs to be seen as a living document and reviewed regularly, in line with your business strategy and wider developments in technology.

With our experience in providing IT support to many types of businesses and our understanding of technology, including changes on the horizon, we can help businesses develop a strategy that effectively utilises current infrastructure and focuses budgets on areas with the most impact. Contact us to find out more. 

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Team Productivity
& Monitoring

Team Productivity:
You and your team are able to see where they are using their time and how productive they are actually being.  Also they are able to clock in and out, so really good for flexi-working.

Team Monitoring:
If you would like to know what your team is doing and how productive they are being, we are able to monitor them and create screenshots of what they are working on.  This can be run in normal or stealth mode.

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What we do to help out...

We proactively seek opportunities to support good causes for our community.

From sponsoring local community football teams, to engaging with charity fundraiser days, we believe it’s important to continually strive to do good for the better of others.

We have members who volunteer with youth organisations, are engaged with the Round Table, run marathons and volunteer at events where we may be needed. Every charity receives a discounted IT and Telecoms service too.


Protecting your digital data is crucial for every business and this can start with the industry-leading security we offer. The Syn-Star specialists can help with identifying any vulnerabilities within your IT systems and act accordingly to ensure cyber-attacks and data breaches are mitigated. 

Strategy &
Future Planning

Your business will never fall behind with its technology when you work with Syn-Star.

We understand IT and Telecoms for your business is an investment, but it’s important to use the best resources available to enable the growth of your business. Our IT Consultancy and Virtual IT Director Services are available to support you with how you use your business technology for years to come.


Syn-Star can conduct quick and easy phishing exercises to identify people within your team who need to improve on their knowledge around fraudulent emails and how they can be alerted to these threats. 

Team Productivity & Monitoring

At Syn-Star, our experts can proactively work to understand exactly what software you need to support with the business operations. Whether you need a listening ear on what software to choose, or would like to seek some specialist knowledge, we’re here to help where we can.

& Reliable

At Syn-Star, we keep Telecoms simple. There’s so much available to help UK companies with their communications. VoIP systems, fixed landline, cloud phone systems, SIP trunking and more. Contact us for further details.

Providing Equipment
You Need

Desk phones, cordless phones or conference phones, Syn-Star can provide you with whatever you need. 

From conference calling facilities to the headsets which work best for your team, we’re able to provide all the equipment you need and complete any telecoms job from start to finish.

VoIP Phone

There is no need to be in the office to make and receive phone calls from your company’s number. Our market-leading Telecoms platform gives you the flexibility of desk phones, soft phones and mobile apps as standard.

Whether your team works remotely, or perhaps staff are on a business trip anywhere in the world, calls can still be made, and people are reachable via phone wherever they go.


With a range of products, our team can support you by installing exactly what you need for internet connectivity. We work with the very best products to provide speedy bandwidths which play a part in the increased productivity of your team.