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Cyber Security Testing & Training

It’s more important than ever to test and train your employees on the dangers of cyber security threats.

Last year, 39% of companies were the victim of a cyber-attack.
84% of these were due to human error!

Cyber Security Testing & Training

It’s more important than ever to test and train your employees on the dangers of cyber security threats.

Last year 39% of companies were the victim of a cyber-attack.
84% of these were due to human error!


Our experience with Syn-Star has been nothing short of outstanding. After a concerning data leak incident where our passwords were discovered on the dark web, their swift response and thorough investigation put our minds at ease. The team not only helped us change our passwords securely but also implemented robust cybersecurity testing and training programs for our employees. We now feel more confident in our cybersecurity measures and highly recommend their services.


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"Syn-Star cyber training was so easy to set-up and the team find it easy and interesting!"


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Syn-Star has proven to be a game-changer for our company's cybersecurity.  They not only took immediate action but also went above and beyond to fortify our defences. The online testing is instrumental in educating our staff about the importance of safeguarding sensitive information and spotting threats. We are grateful for their help and highly recommend their services.


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Team Cyber-Testing

New threats and malicious digital content continue to look more realistic and convincing. Keeping your team constantly vigilant has become a must to protect your business.

Our tests will help your team identify all the tell-tale signs of a cyber threat. Every member of your team will have an understanding of how to avoid a cyber attack. 

Begin in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

We complete a free data leak check to determine if your employees have fallen victim to a scam in the past. Using this information, we advise on which accounts to secure, and change any leaked passwords or details found.

Step 2

We set up a campaign to send one training and one testing email to your team at random times throughout each month.
Going forward, this hugely increases your team's awareness and skills for spotting cyber scams and how to prevent data leaks.

Step 3

You receive a report once a month to find out what percentage of your employees have fallen for this test.This shows who within your team needs additional training. All employees who have not passed the test must complete a training exercise.

Cyber security testing

How Our Tests Work

We have over 75 different styles of phishing/spoofing emails that are constantly updated and designed to replicate current threats. 

These emails may tempt your team to click and enter their details, much like a real scam email would.

These harmless emails get sent to your entire team every month at random times during the working day.

If your team do click on these links, they will be met with an error page explaining they have failed the test. That individual must then watch a short training video and complete a quick quiz to ensure they have understood the training. 

Consistent Training Works!

A recent study shows that security risks were reduced by 70% when businesses invest in cyber security training and awareness.

Why Does Your Team Need Training?

Many people think only large companies get hacked, but this is 100% false. Today, there are bots that constantly try to attack all kinds of businesses.

Knowing and understanding how these attacks happen is key to ensuring your team minimises the potential for mistakes. This reduces the likelihood of successful attacks on your business.

We have found many businesses train their team only once or twice a year, but this does not work! 

Cyber Security Training Videos
How does cyber training work

How The Training Works

We send your entire workforce a monthly training video to ensure all of your team are involved and kept up-to-date with the latest threats. 

They will be asked to watch a training video and complete a short quiz anytime they are unsuccessful in spotting the threat from the regular training emails.

This runs on an ongoing basis, and you can easily update us with any new employees or leavers via email. This ensures all of your team has the knowledge they need to prevent a breach caused by human error. 

How our Training Works

Watch The Training Video

Employees get regular video updates making them aware of the recent threats to be aware of.

Complete the Quiz

Employees complete the quiz whenever they fall for the fake scams.

Receive a Report

You will receive a full report outlining how many employees have completed the training.

A recent study shows that 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error.

Why Your Business Needs Training & Testing?

Risks of not having cyber security training

Mitigate Security Risks

Employees are often the weakest link when it comes to business cyber security. All businesses will implement cyber security defences to deter cyber attacks but do not invest in their employees’ knowledge to keep their business safe, leaving a huge gap for infiltrators to target. 

Safeguard Your Sensitive Data

Many different types of businesses handle vast amounts of sensitive data. This can be include bank records, addresses, and telephone numbers. 

A cyber attack on your business could cause serious implications if this information was leaked, both to your business and your clients. Don’t be caught out by something as simple as human error.

Compliance & Legal Requirements

Many industries have strict regulatory requirements regarding data protection and cyber security, in addition to needing to remain GDPR compliant. Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to severe legal consequences and financial penalties.

Cyber security training ensures that employees are aware of their responsibilities and the proper procedures to adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Our Partnerships

More Guides On Cyber Security Training

& Monitoring

Your workforce needs to access your company’s important information from wherever they may be based. We can help them understand the cyber risks and how to prevent that unwanted headache of a data breach. 

Testing &

Dark Web and Cyber Security Training can be delivered to individuals and teams within your business. We’ll show them how to take full advantage of our software to continually stay safe online. 

Cyber Security
for Everyone

With more than 60 tutorials, our Cyber Security Academy will help educate your team on the issues concerning past, present, and future cyber attacks. 

24/7 Dark Web
& Reporting

Our specialist software can safely scan the dark web and search for your passwords. As a result, we can show you where your cyber vulnerabilities lie and support you in updating these areas to reduce cyber threats. 

Syn-Star is extremely helpful, friendly and patient, and is always happy to assist our team with their extensive knowledge and expertise. 

FAQs about Cyber Security Training...

We provide training in three essential areas: Dark Web monitoring, Cyber security, and email phishing to make your team aware of the range of threats. Employees can play their part in protecting your IT systems.

This is the system of defensive measures and protocols in place to protect your business from cyber threats. Without web security, data may be lost and business continuity affected. Web security threats are increasing and getting more sophisticated, so you need a cyber security strategy.

Malicious acts that aim to steal or damage your data, disrupt systems or hold you to ransom. Cyber attacks include computer viruses, data breaches and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and affect all types of businesses, from sole traders to multimillion pound organisations.

We deliver interactive and engaging cyber security modules that raise awareness of cyber threats so they can be more easily identified, ensuring that every member of your team has a firm understanding of how be more cyber aware and react quickly to a threat.

Our cyber security training consists of short explanation videos, multiple choice questionnaires and the opportunity to speak to an expert should you have further questions about being more cyber secure.

We have the capacity to scan the dark web to identify vulnerabilities within your systems and train your team on how to mitigate them and prevent a cyber-attack on your business.

There isn’t a set qualification for the cyber security training we provide, but we do offer certification for the modules that members of your team pass.

If you’re interested in your business being recognised as an organisation that takes cyber security seriously, we do help you achieve the Government’s Cyber Essentials accreditation. This lasts for 12 months before it requires renewal.

We are keen to ensure you develop the knowledge you need to protect yourself with minimal disruption to your business operations, so our learning modules can take from five minutes to 60 minutes to fit around your schedule.

Even the most tech-phobic member of your team will leave our training knowing that they are better equipped to prevent cyber security breaches. We’re also here for those who want to delve deeper into the subject when trained.

Our training has a flexible pricing structure to suit all budgets, so you can choose to complete the modules one at a time or all together, whichever is the most cost-effective option.

Firewalls and anti-virus software work hard to protect your systems, but they can never be 100% effective, so training for you team is an important element of bolstering your cyber security defences.

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Cyber Security Team Testing and Training!

Team Productivity & Monitoring

At Syn-Star, our experts can proactively work to understand exactly what software you need to support with the business operations. Whether you need a listening ear on what software to choose, or would like to seek some specialist knowledge, we’re here to help where we can.

Team Productivity
& Monitoring

Team Productivity:
You and your team are able to see where they are using their time and how productive they are actually being.  Also they are able to clock in and out, so really good for flexi-working.

Team Monitoring:
If you would like to know what your team is doing and how productive they are being, we are able to monitor them and create screenshots of what they are working on.  This can be run in normal or stealth mode.

Book a FREE fact finding session to discuss the different options.


Syn-Star can conduct quick and easy phishing exercises to identify people within your team who need to improve on their knowledge around fraudulent emails and how they can be alerted to these threats. 

Team Testing

One-off training can work well for certain things, but cyber threats are continuously evolving. 

We send your entire team weekly or monthly phishing emails to test them.  This ensures their level of knowledge and awareness remains high.

For further information about how we can deliver team training directly to each person’s inbox, book a discovery call with a member of our team. 

Cyber Security & Training for Everyone

Being proactive about training your team in the importance of being alert when it comes to cyber security.

You will have 24/7 access to our in depth library of over 60 short training videos.  This allows you to train existing team members but also becomes part of a successful induction process.

Our tools are designed to train the whole team with varying levels of cyber security awareness.

Book a FREE discovery call now!

Strategy &
Future Planning

Your business will never fall behind with its technology when you work with Syn-Star.

We understand IT and Telecoms for your business is an investment, but it’s important to use the best resources available to enable the growth of your business. Our IT Consultancy and Virtual IT Director Services are available to support you with how you use your business technology for years to come.

24/7 Dark Web Monitoring
& Reporting

The dark web is where your important information like passwords are sold and shared, do you know if your information is secure?

Frequently, past employee account information or software that is not used often can be the most vulnerable.

Our software will continually monitor the dark web for traces of your domain names and send alerts for when your information is being traded.

Book an appointment with a member of our team who can talk you through the vulnerabilities and the options available.

What's Your Cyber Security Defence Level?
Take our FREE test to find out!

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What we do to help out...

We proactively seek opportunities to support good causes for our community.

From sponsoring local community football teams, to engaging with charity fundraiser days, we believe it’s important to continually strive to do good for the better of others.

We have members who volunteer with youth organisations, are engaged with the Round Table, run marathons and volunteer at events where we may be needed. Every charity receives a discounted IT and Telecoms service too.


Protecting your digital data is crucial for every business and this can start with the industry-leading security we offer. The Syn-Star specialists can help with identifying any vulnerabilities within your IT systems and act accordingly to ensure cyber-attacks and data breaches are mitigated. 

& Reliable

At Syn-Star, we keep Telecoms simple. There’s so much available to help UK companies with their communications. VoIP systems, fixed landline, cloud phone systems, SIP trunking and more. Contact us for further details.

Providing Equipment
You Need

Desk phones, cordless phones or conference phones, Syn-Star can provide you with whatever you need. 

From conference calling facilities to the headsets which work best for your team, we’re able to provide all the equipment you need and complete any telecoms job from start to finish.

VoIP Phone

There is no need to be in the office to make and receive phone calls from your company’s number. Our market-leading Telecoms platform gives you the flexibility of desk phones, soft phones and mobile apps as standard.

Whether your team works remotely, or perhaps staff are on a business trip anywhere in the world, calls can still be made, and people are reachable via phone wherever they go.


With a range of products, our team can support you by installing exactly what you need for internet connectivity. We work with the very best products to provide speedy bandwidths which play a part in the increased productivity of your team.