Dark Web Monitoring and Cyber Security Training

Continual Dark Web and Cyber Security Training will ensure your entire team plays their part in keeping your business data secure by preventing cyber attacks. 

Keep the hackers out by following the best security practice

Dark Web and Cyber Security Training should never stop as new threats continually arise and malicious digital content is appearing to look more convincing. 

With Syn-Star, we will help you identify all the tell-tale signs of a cyber threat and support every member of your team in understanding how to mitigate a cyber attack. 

Team Productivity
& Monitoring

Your workforce needs to access your company’s important information from wherever they may be based. We can help them understand the cyber risks and how to prevent that unwanted headache of a data breach. 

Continuous Team
Testing & Training

Dark Web and Cyber Security Training can be delivered to individuals and teams within your business. We’ll show them how to take full advantage of our software to continually stay safe online. 

24/7 Dark Web
Monitoring & Reporting

Our specialist software can safely scan the dark web and search for your passwords. As a result, we can show you where your cyber vulnerabilities lie and support you in updating these areas to reduce cyber threats. 

Cyber Security Training
For Everyone

With more than 60 tutorials, our Dark Web and Cyber Security Academy will help educate your team on the issues concerning past, present and future cyber attacks. 

The threat to your business is real. Our Dark Web Monitoring and Cyber Security Training will mitigate malicious attacks

We ensure your team is continually educated on cyber threats and email phishing through video training and regular test emails. We also include dark-web monitoring and reporting to show you exactly what areas you have been vulnerable.

FAQs about Cyber Security Training...

We provide training in three essential areas, Dark Web monitoring, Cyber security and email phishing awareness to make your team aware of the range of threats out there and can play their part in protecting your IT systems.

This is the system of defensive measures and protocols in place to protect your business from cyber threats. Without web security, data may be lost and business continuity affected. Web security threats are increasing and getting more sophisticated, so you need a cyber security strategy.

Malicious acts that aim to steal or damage your data, disrupt systems or hold you to ransom. Cyberattacks include computer viruses, data breaches and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and affect all types of businesses, from sole traders to multimillion pound organisations.

We deliver interactive and engaging cyber security modules that raise awareness of cyber threats so they can be more easily identified, ensuring that every member of your team has a firm understanding of how be more cyber aware and react quickly to a threat.

Our cyber security training consists of short explanation videos, multiple choice questionnaires and the opportunity to speak to an expert should you have further questions about being more cyber secure.

We have the capacity to scan the dark web to identify vulnerabilities within your systems and train your team on how to mitigate them and prevent a cyber-attack on your business.

There isn’t a set qualification for the cyber security training we provide, but we do offer certification for the modules that members of your team pass.

If you’re interested in your business being recognised as an organisation that takes cyber security seriously, we do help you achieve the Government’s Cyber Essentials accreditation. This lasts for 12 months before it requires renewal.

We are keen to ensure you develop the knowledge you need to protect yourself with minimal disruption to your business operations, so our learning modules can take from five minutes to 60 minutes to fit around your schedule.

Even the most tech-phobic member of your team will leave our training knowing that they are better equipped to prevent cyber security breaches. We’re also here for those who want to delve deeper into the subject when trained.

Our training has a flexible pricing structure to suit all budgets, so you can choose to complete the modules one at a time or all together, whichever is the most cost-effective option.

Firewalls and anti-virus software work hard to protect your systems, but they can never be 100% effective, so training for you team is an important element of bolstering your cyber security defences.

I really appreciated the prompt response and extra length Syn-Star went to look for something for my colleague and will recommend them to others. 

Ghislaine – Tradmet

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