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The PSTN Switch Off: when to move to digital phones 

As the telecommunications landscape undergoes a seismic shift, UK businesses find themselves on the brink of a significant transition – the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch off.  


The clock is ticking, and by 2025, traditional landline services over PSTN will be phased out, leaving businesses with no choice but to adapt to newer, more advanced technologies. 

The PSTN Deadline is just around the corner

The primary catalyst for change is the looming deadline set by Openreach, the UK’s largest telephone and broadband network provider. By December 2025, the traditional copper based PSTN will be switched off, marking the end of an era, and pushing businesses towards more modern, efficient alternatives. 

How to Overcome the Challenges of the PSTN Switch off.

While the benefits of transitioning to digital phones and VoIP are evident, the migration process itself poses challenges that businesses must navigate. Ensuring a smooth transition involves assessing the current communication infrastructure, investing in compatible equipment, and providing comprehensive training to staff. The key lies in meticulous planning and collaboration with reputable service providers to mitigate potential disruptions during the switch. 

The Rise of Digital Phones

Digital phones have emerged as the forefront of communication technology, providing businesses with a host of advantages over their analogue counterparts. Unlike traditional landlines, digital phones transmit voice signals in the form of data packets over the internet, resulting in clearer calls and more versatile features. 

Using a secure password manager can be a simple way to ensure all your employees have secure accounts, different passwords for each account/system you use and that they have certain elements including uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

The PSTN solution: moving to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) stands out as a game-changer in the post-PSTN era. By leveraging the power of the internet to transmit voice data, VoIP not only ensures cost-effective communication but also opens a realm of possibilities for collaboration and innovation within businesses. 

Enhanced Features and Flexibility when moving to digital phones after the PSTN switch off

Digital phones offer an array of features that can significantly enhance business operations. From voicemail to call forwarding, conference calling, and seamless integration with other digital tools, the capabilities of digital phones surpass those of traditional landlines. Moreover, the flexibility to use digital phones across various devices enables remote work, a crucial aspect in today’s dynamic business environment. 

Cost Savings and Efficiency of the PSTN switch off

One of the key advantages of the PSTN switch of is moving to VoIP. VoIP phones have the potential to reduce communication costs significantly. VoIP calls, especially over long distances, are often more cost-effective than traditional landline calls. Additionally, the integration of VoIP with other digital tools streamlines communication processes, boosting overall efficiency and productivity. 

How to Future Proof your Business Pending the PSTN Switch off

The shift away from PSTN is not just a short-term adjustment; it is an investment in the long-term viability and competitiveness of your business. Embracing digital phones and VoIP positions your company at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that you can adapt to future changes in the communication landscape seamlessly. 

Need Help with the PSTN switch off

setting up digital phones can be challenging if you are unsure of which provider is the right one for your business. Book a call today with one of our experts to talk through your business’s individual needs and get recommendations for a new digital phone system that will elevate your business operations.

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Anne-Marie Marketing Communications Manager

Anne-Marie Blazdell

Anne-Marie is Syn-Star’s dedicated Marketing Manager. Her drive for success is matched only by her compassion for the team. Always on hand with useful insights, she is a warm character who is valued by her department. 

Qualifications: BA (hons) Graphic Design

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Anne-Marie Marketing Communications Manager

Anne-Marie Blazdell

Anne-Marie is Syn-Star’s dedicated Marketing Manager. Her drive for success is matched only by her compassion for the team. Always on hand with useful insights, she is a warm character who is valued by her department. 

Qualifications: BA (hons) Graphic Design

In-house training: HubSpot SEO, Sales, Adobe Suite

Favourite movie: Love Actually

Favourite artist: ABBA

Favourite food:  Gü Cheesecake

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