How 3D camera technology has transformed the way businesses present themselves

3D Camera Technology

The market for 3D camera technology has boomed with a growing number of businesses taking advantage of the impressive images which are captured.     That’s why we’ve invited Wheeler and Lai Chartered Surveyors to share about their experience using the technology, just in case your business is interested in 3D camera technology too. If you’re […]

Why it’s different working with Syn-Star compared to other IT Support companies

IT Support

The IT Support service we provide is similar to what’s on offer with other IT specialists. But we’re different. From fixing machines which go bang, to installing new computers for that new member of your team, we concentrate on all the techie bits you don’t need to worry about. But that’s expected, right? Indeed. We […]

How to safeguard your remote workforce from cyberattacks

Cyber attacks safeguard remote workforce

To safeguard your remote workforce from cyberattacks and data breaches, you need to constantly evolve and grow to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.   With most of your employees working remotely, it won’t take much to breach your defences. It can be something as simple as a password shared publicly on a team chat app, […]

Cyber risks your business needs to know about

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber risks are something every business needs to face, so it’s important to be aware of dangers associated with the digital world to ensure they don’t come to bite. Rapid advancements in technology and rising global connectivity is reshaping the way the world is operating. Good technology is essential to the growth of any business, […]