Ready for long-term hybrid working? This 21-point checklist will help you ensure you are using best security practices

Hybrid Working

Is your workforce ready for hybrid working? We’ve created a 21-point checklist to ensure you are using best security practices for your hybrid workforce. Click here to download the checklist for free. The Covid-19 pandemic shook the business world like no other event before it. Its impact was felt in every sector, with most businesses […]

What do IT Support actually do?

What do IT Support actually do

It’s highly likely that at some point in your professional or academic life you have had to contact IT Support for help – but what do IT Support actually do? IT experts, such as those who work at Syn-Star, are the go-to people to address any technical issues which may arise with your machine. From […]

Key takeaways from the launch of Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11

Windows 11 is designed to bring you closer to what you love – those are the words of Microsoft who have recently announced their new operating system which is on its way to PCs near you. Windows is, unsurprisingly, a stage for the world’s innovation; it has been the backbone of businesses across the globe […]

Seven signs why an IT Support service provider you think you like isn’t for you

IT Support

Agreeing to work with an IT Support service provider does come with a commitment. It should come as no surprise given the fact the work they will complete is fundamental to the operations of your business. So because you’re expecting to work with an IT Support service provider for the long-term, it’s important you make […]

Why is IT Support important for business?

Why is IT Support important?

Whatever the size of your business, effective IT Support is critical to enable it’s success. Without super-fast and reliable IT Support, companies can fall behind their competitors and may leave themselves susceptible to unwanted headaches too. Perhaps you’re looking for an experience IT Support provider to manage your business computers and wider technology on a […]

Got questions about IT Support? Here’s our most commonly asked questions answered…

IT Support

Shopping about for IT Support can be a time consuming and overwhelming task because, and we’re well aware, it’s a very busy market with vast options for companies like you. So we’ve compiled some questions we’re frequently asked by people like you when they’re looking to partner with a a company like us. Whether you’re […]

Millions of businesses put at security risk from faulty routers

security risk from old routers

The consumer watchdog Which? has warned that millions of homes and businesses across the UK could face a security risk from old routers that put them at risk of being hacked. After examining 13 models provided by customers by internet-service providers like Sky, Virgin Media, Talk Talk and EE, they found that more than two-thirds […]

Six reasons why you need to plan your business IT security for the future

IT Security

Making ongoing risk management a standard business practice is vital, especially in today’s cyberthreat landscape where even a single threat cannot be underestimated.   In one assessment, your business may seem on the right track, but factors are always changing in the IT world and it is important to keep up to date. That is precisely […]

The Syn-Star rebrand is so much more than a brand

As things look a little different for Syn-Star, our Marketing Manager Samuel Poole explains why the Syn-Star rebrand is so much more than a brand. It’s the middle of May 2020 and the United Kingdom is experiencing its first lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While some businesses are booming, other companies are closing. It’s […]

Challenges of insuring ransomware and how to combat it

A rapid increase to cyber-crimes in the past year has recently led to the debate around ransomware payments by insurers. Some have argued that the guarantees given by insurers to pay these ransoms puts more businesses at risk in the future. Incentivising these crimes only gives more demand to growing cyber crimes and creates more […]